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Creative Funding Solutions, Inc.

Training Curriculum Development & Evaluations

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs and learning and cognition-influenced training needs and curriculum assessments and curriculum evaluations focused on returns-on-investment.


Learning, Performance Improvement, Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions

Employee & Job Performance Reviews & Evaluations

Kirkpatrick Partner Four Levels of Training Evaluation job analysis and performance evaluations analytical tools and techniques grounded in over 35 years of experience. 


About Us

Jennie Larry Johnson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is a Kirkpatrick Partner's Four Levels of Training Evaluation Bronze-certified learning and performance solutions architect that specializes in project performance reviews, monitoring and evaluation. Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. (CFS), an SBA certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise and Texas Historically Underutilized Business. Jennie is an product development consultant and seasoned technical writer with over 35 years of experience in banking, finance, government relations, quality control and project management.   Jennie has a Bachelor's degree in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement from the University of North Texas and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Learning Technologies at Toulouse Graduate School.  Jennie employs her specialized training including  Total Quality Management Supplier Quality SystemsProject Management Body of Knowledge, Kirkpatrick CertificationQuality Management Systems Lead Auditor. and the 48 hours earned toward Project Management Professional (PMP) to provide strategic mission-oriented business solutions designed to improvement performance and achieve organizational goals. ​

Creative Funding Solutions, Inc.  Products & Services

Project Management Tools & Systems

PMP-based project management systems, communication plans and Work Breakdown Structures tools that ensure projects remain on task and on budget every time.


Product Development & Commercialization

Wendy Kennedy-inspired product development and innovation commercialization processes and procedures utilized by some of the world's leading business incubators.