Employee & Job Performance Improvement and Productivity Audits

When you need to know ...


​Nothing will help you get to the bottom of things, you need an Ishikawa Root Cause Diagram. Also known as the "fishbone" diagram, this analytical tool and technique will point to the root causes and underlying reasons behind performance issues and variables. Jennie Larry Johnson prepaes fishbone diagrams to conduct gap analyses and to identify bottlenecks in operations and work flows to help improve operational performance.

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When cost get out of control ...


​Sometimes you need a third-eye to come and examine cost variances and budget deficits or surpluses or to evaluate the impact of a supplies price increases. Jennie Larry Johnson prepares financial analyses using Gantt charts and Cost-Benefit analyses to help you project and quantify the potential financial impacts of incorporating expected or unexpected expenses or investments to your project or operations. 

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